Animator, 3D Artist, Illustrator
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Freelancer based in Toronto, Ontario with a strong foundation in animation, commercial art, and computer applications complemented by knowledge of business operations, the need for customer-focused service, and the importance of meeting tight deadlines. 
Born in Manila, Philippines and emigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 11. Studied Animation and 3D Animation at Seneca Animation Arts Centre under the tutelage of numerous amazing professors and industry veterans. 

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+ Branding - Logo Creation
+ Traditional Media - Painting, Sculpting, Illustration
+ Animation in Traditional and 3D - Including Layout, Storyboarding, and character design
+ 3D Skills include - modeling, lighting, surfacing, and rigging
+ 3D Stereo Depth Conversion
+ Adobe Creative Suite: After Effects, Encore, Flash/Animate, Illustrator, Muse, Photoshop, and Premiere
+ Autodesk MAYA
+ Autodesk Mudbox
+ Pixologic ZBrush
+ ToonBoom
+ Imagineer Systems Mocha
Additional Info
+ Working knowledge of different broadcast media standards as well as accessibility guidelines.
+ Can make great espresso-based drinks learned from part-time work experience 
at various Second Cup Cafe during school.
+ Martial Arts enthusiast accumulating in-depth knowledge regarding swords, combat theory, and tactics. 

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Unless otherwise noted, all artwork contained on this portfolio website is protected by copyright law.  
All fan arts are property of their respective copyright holders.  All rights reserved.

I want as many people to be able to enjoy my work without fear of copyright infringement notices but at the same time, I don't wish to be commercially exploited without due compensation.  Many pieces of artwork on this website are therefore attributed with Creative Commons license, and typically fall under the CC BY-NC-ND variant unless otherwise noted.  What this means is that you're free to download my work that has creative commons attribution and/or share them but you can't change them nor use them commercially (charge any money for them).  

If there's a website that lets you print T-shirts, feel free to use my designs with the Creative Commons License on that website provided that it's for your own personal use and enjoyment.  

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