Lego Short for an org

Work In Progress / 25 November 2019

Working for a client to redo a short promo they have already paid for.  It was unfortunately an expensive lesson for my client that not all freelancers are as they claim to be.  I won't share the version they got but they were promised Lego movie but got something closer to southpark (minus the funny and handcrafted animations).

So, I set out to make the 3d models that would then be repeated.  Kept it fairly simple and it's now ready to be textured.  Due to the scope of the work,  the target audience as well as the limited time due to deadlines, it won't be anything overly detailed (like the lego movie) but will still look like plastic lego minus the detail level that was in the lego movie eg: scratches and wear and tear.

Initial Modelling:

Basic Test Renders:

Took these renders earlier than the posted 3D model.  Had to fix quite a few things, especially the hands.